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We are still intending to run all classes listed, other than those which are now listed as postponed.  Unless the instructor is unable to come to the UK, or Government advice is against group gatherings the class is still planned to run and will be subject to the usual cancellation policy.  If a class is cancelled or Government advice prevents you from travelling a full refund will be issued of all monies paid.  We do suggest you check with us before booking non-refundable travel.


Workshop Date Location Instructor Fee Places Prerequisites


Clinical Interventions: Pregnancy, Labour/Delivery and Post Partum Care for Mother and Baby

!This class includes internal work!

5th - 7th September 2022 Ayr, Glasgow Gail Wetzler £750 including lunch Available VM3 & be an osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, nurse, midwife or medical doctor. 
VVMU- Viscerovascular Manipulation Upper Body 8th - 10th September 2022 Ayr, Glasgow Rene Assink £625 including lunch Available VM4
NM3 - Neural Manipulation Lower Body 12th - 14th September  2022 Ayr, Glasgow Rene Assink £575 including lunch Available NM2
VM2 - Abdomen 2 29th October - 1st November 2022 London Alison Harvey £625 Available VM1
MALE - Manual Articular Lower Extremity  2nd - 4th November 2022


London Mark Bloemberg £675 POSTPONED - NEW DATE TO BE DECIDED
AVMTB2 - Advanced Visceral Manipulation: The Brain 2 16th -18th November 2022 Ayr, Glasgow Jean-Pierre Barral £825 including lunch Just onto Wait List - email to be added AVMTB1
Listening Techniques 1 20th - 22nd November 2022 Ayr, Glasgow Alison Harvey £600 including lunch Available VM1 or NM1


MAUE - Manual Articular Upper Extremity 25-27th January 2023 London Mark Bloemberg £675 Available
VM 1- Visceral Manipulation 1 28th - 31st January  2023 London Kirstie Cousins £625 Available
VVML - Viscerovascular Manipulation Lower Body 29th - 31st January 2023 London TBC £625 Available VM2
VM 3- Visceral Manipulation 3 - The Pelvis 1st - 4th March 2023 Ayr, Glasgow Alison Harvey £650 including lunch Available VM2
VM 1- Visceral Manipulation 1 5th - 8th March 2023 Ayr, Glasgow Kirstie Cousins £625 including lunch Available
VM 2- Visceral Manipulation 2 10-13th May 2023 Ayr, Glasgow Alison Harvey £650 including lunch Available VM1
NM1 - Neural Manipulation 1 14-16th May 2023 Ayr, Glasgow Alex Fugallo £575 including lunch Available
VM 4- Visceral Manipulation 4 - The Thorax 6th - 9th September 2023 Ayr, Glasgow Alison Harvey £650 including lunch Available VM2
MASP - Manual Articular Spine and Pelvis 22nd - 24th November 2023 London Mark Bloemberg £675 Available
Neural Manipulation 4 25th - 27th November 2023 London

Sabine Foster-Garn

£625 Available NM3


VM 1- Visceral Manipulation 1 January  2024 London Kirstie Cousins Not Available Yet
VM5 - Visceral Manipulation 5 January 2024 London Alison Harvey Not Available Yet VM3 & VM4
Neural Manipulation 5 15-17 May 2024 Ayr, Glasgow Alain Croibier £795 including lunch Available NM4
MAAAJ - Advanced Joints

19-21 May 2024

Ayr, Glasgow Alain Croibier £795 including lunch Available MAUE & MALE
AVMTB3 - Advanced Visceral Manipulation: The Brain 3 8-10 September 2024 Ayr, Glasgow Jean-Pierre Barral £875 including lunch Just onto Wait List - email to be added AVMTB2
VM6 - Visceral Manipulation 6 11-13 September 2024 Ayr, Glasgow Mark Bloemberg £725 including lunch Available VM5


VNAC - Visceral, Neural and Articular Advanced Clinical Synthesis TBD Ayr, Glasgow Jean-Pierre Barral Not Available Yet VM3 OR VM4; and NM2 and MALE OR MAUE OR MASP

All classes include refreshments unless otherwise indicated.


Underlined indicates an Entry-level course, the main prerequisite being a professional background in health-care.  Please click on workshop title for more information on that course.

Bold type indicates class is open to registration.


WAIT LISTED - This class is currently full.  if you would like to participate in the class please do register for it but not send a deposit and we will put you next on the wait list.  In the event anyone drops out the people on the wait list will be contacted in order.  If no places become available when another course is arranged those on the wait list will have first priority for places.




You are advised to buy travel only once your place on a course has been confirmed.


Course Hours and Locations

Course times will normally be from 10 - 6.30 first day with course registration at 9.30, 9 - 5.30 second (and third) days, 8 - 3.30 final day.  This is to allow people travelling time and minimise accommodation costs.


Ayr, Glasgow area

We have chosen Ayr as our Scottish base for courses as it is so easy to get to and in the warmest part of Scotland!  It also is a very pretty location with miles of sandy beach and views of the isle of Arran.  Accommodation is cheaper and more plentiful here than it would be in a city and there are plenty of amenities and good restaurants.

Ayr has excellent road and rail links, lying just 40 minutes outside Glasgow.  It also is in the unique position of being within 45 minutes of two airports, flying all over the world.  Prestwick airport is adjacent to the town with a direct rail link to the centre of Ayr taking under 10 minutes.  IGlasgow airport also has a rail link to Ayr which is linked to Glasgow airport by a 5 minute journey on a connecting bus or taxi and then train from Paisley Gilmour Street station directly to Ayr approximately every 30 minutes.  The journey time is about 1 hour from the airport to Ayr town centre. 



We use a venue in the capital to serve those living in the south of England.  We are close to public transport links and ensure ease of travel for those attending. Our venue is close to Euston station.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be subject to a £50 fee if made 3 calendar months or more prior to the first day of the course. If you give less than 3 calendar months notice that you are unable to attend the class the full deposit of £200 will be forfeited. 


We will transfer prepayments less the cancellation fee to other courses/dates, otherwise they will be refunded, less the cancellation fee.


Professional and Career Development Loans

Professional and Career Development Loans are bank loans that can be used to help pay for work related learning.  You can borrow between £300 and £10,000 to help support the cost of up to two years of learning (or three years if it includes one year’s relevant unpaid practical work).  The Learning and Skills Council will pay the interest on the loan while you are learning and for one month afterwards.  The loan can be used to pay course fees or other costs such as travel and living expenses.  You can also use the loan to supplement other forms of support such as grants or bursaries.  Because the Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial loan product, they should only be considered as an option once all other student funding options have been investigated.  For further information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit


www.direct.gov.uk/adultlearning or contact Careers Advice on 0800 100 900.


Our learning provider registration number is: 20142.


ELCAS - Funding for MoD Personnel
We are delighted to have completed the registration process and have gained recognition as an approved Learning Provider under the ELCAs scheme.  Our provider number is 7623. 


Our Philosophy

Barral Institute UK aims to make Visceral Manipulation training accessible and affordable for practitioners in the UK.  For this reason we try and keep the classes as low in cost as possible, whilst still ensuring a high quality product.  Therefore we will tend to use cheaper venues where possible.  We also will try and start and end classes to allow travelling time so it minimises time away from home for those travelling a distance.  


We aim to treat everyone fairly and as equals.  Therefore we hold no prejudices and value any suggestions, ideas or feedback you may wish to offer us.  If we can be of assistance in any way, please do contact us. 



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